Discover the tools of Lean Construction

Lean Management is usually applied in association with a toolbox.

For more than 10 years now, IMMA has created, adapted and implemented its Lean tools on each construction project.


Today we have products in the areas of:

  • training
  • consultancy
  • lean method engineering
  • Operational service for construction projects

Training in Lean Construction
In order to facilitate the change, the teams must be initiated in the techniques of lean Construction. Thus, IMMA develops standard training courses:

  • 1-day training course in Lean construction methods for managers
  • 2-day initiation course in the principles of Lean Construction
  • 2-day initiation course in the principles of the Last Planner System (LPS®)
  • 2-day training course in optimized-schedule-making using IMMA_Chart® and IMMA\Plan®

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Each of these courses alternate theory and practical application using serious game: Villego, MecanoLean, plug-game, etc.

Consultancy in Lean Construction
Our team of senior experts accompanies businesses in their shift towards operational performance. To do this, the teams of IMMA rely on their expertise in business project management, diagnostic tools and change management.

Engineering in Lean Construction
Our lean method engineer teams accompany all types of construction projects by relying on the Lean Construction method developed by IMMA. Thus, in conjunction with the project management, they decide on the tools to be implemented on a construction site (in light of the stakes and risks), adapt them, have them installed, coach the project teams, prepare them to take over its tools and finally carry out regular audits to make sure the tools are being used properly.

Lean Construction Service
IMMA operationally manages the schedule and construction project logistics.


A proven method

Construction is organised differently depending on the market (public or private), the type of construction and the client’s work method, the location and the culture of the country concerned. In order to carry out the missions entrusted to us, we implement methods and tools that are adapted to the specific needs of each of our clients.

We have thus adapted or created tools such as IMMA_chart, for example (Collaborative Planning launched from an instantiation of the VSM and of the PERT). On the duration of a project, our observation was that it is impossible to shorten a delay once it has been identified. To be effective, we had to anticipate difficulties and put into place a comprehensive method of project management. We have thus developed the tools necessary to manage construction projects. By adapting them, we are constantly questioning them and causing them to evolve.


A few recurring tools to discover among the 35 tools that we use

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