Our training programs

IMMA, a training organization

IMMA has been a training organization since 2008, because very quickly we became convinced that in order to implement lean construction on a project or in a business, the first step is to have a healthy perspective. Thus, all of our training courses will allow you to discover the fundamentals of lean construction, to give you a healthy view of it, but also allow you to begin using the main tools of lean construction.

Public training

Multi-company training courses allow participants to train while sharing with their peers from other companies.

  • 1-day training course in Lean construction methods for managers
  • 2-day initiation course in the principles of Lean Construction
  • 2-day initiation course in the principles of the Last Planner System (LPS®)
  • 2-day training course in optimized-schedule-making using IMMA_Chart® and IMMA\Plan®
  • Certifying training Green Belt Lean option Construction
  • Certifying training Black Belt Lean option Construction

A schedule of upcoming training courses:

  • 21 & 22 November 2017: Course FOR 2
  • 24 January 2018: Course FOR 0
  • 5 & 06 February 2018: Course FOR 1
  • 7 & 08 February 2018: Course FOR 2
  • 13 March 2018: Course FOR 0
  • 14 & 15 March 2018: Course FOR 2

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Get training at your own workstation

Within the framework of business projects, we also organize personalised training sessions (ex: 5S, VA/NVA Analysis, VSM, Administrative Lean, Agility [scrum method], etc.)

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