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Expert engineers specialised in lean construction or in construction, your curiosity is limitless and you want to discover new tools and new management methods? Our company will open up a playing field to you that lives up to your expectations. Here are our 4 most highly sought profiles:

Lean method engineer

You are a natural pedagogue, you have good listening and analytical skills and enough empathy to identify the difficulties faced by your customer. You are comfortable with innovation, you are not afraid to get off the beaten track and to adapt your tools to the context of your sponsor.

Logistics manager

You are diplomatic, you know how to listen, communicate, organize and arbitrate. Foresight is your strong point. You excel in management. And you love it.

Scheduling manager (OPC Lean)

You are rigorous, you have the essential organizational skills and adaptability. Your good communication and social skills allow you to exchange ideas easily with people working in very different professions.

Consultant / Trainer

You like to solve problems and you know how to convince your interlocutors. Finding solutions and managing change are the key competencies that you expect to use on a daily basis. You can be described as pedagogical and as having a sense of communication.

These positions are directed to senior or junior engineers, including interns (internship during the final year of studies at engineering schools).

Why work for us?

Passion and excellence

Strong technical expertise and research excellence are in IMMA’s DNA.

Responsibility and autonomy

Our requirements are based on results, quality and customer service, rather than on the way in which these objectives are achieved.

Team spirit and curiosity

Respect, collaboration, transparency and trust are at the heart of our practices. Curiosity is the most commonly-shared quality of IMMA team members.

Reputation and recognition

International, yet still on a human scale, our company is the leader of Lean Construction in France. It has been chosen by professionals of the construction sector in over 400 projects.


They chose IMMA...

David Tessier

CNAM Engineer

"After spending many years in an industrial setting where I acquired skills in Lean Management, I now assist companies and their projects in defining and implementing new work methods that improve operational performance."


Engineer and architect from the French engineering school Les Mines in Alès, France and the University of Liège in Belgium.

“IMMA and I have worked on about 30 projects over the course of three years, all over the world. Our team is dynamic and motivated by what I think are important core values. Whether we are operating in France or Europe—and even in countries like Malaysia or Myanmar—I have developed skills in Lean Construction through our consultancy projects for building and civil engineering projects. These projects were new buildings, renovations, housing, offices, functional and industrial structures, and even tunnels. I work on long-term projects where the goal is to do this by myself and conduct work site management.

What feeds my passion for what I do is the impression that I am part of a wide-scale change going on in the construction business.”


Gabriel Do Couto

Lean Construction Expert

“I joined IMMA in 2018 for my end-of-studies project on the logistics of a large renovation project.
What do I like most about IMMA? The diversity of subjects that I have been able to touch on since my arrival.
In the morning: field tour and preparation for the work management meeting the next day on a large office site in the Paris region.
I see people, I chat and I make sure that the blocking points are resolved on time: I don't give up!
In the afternoon: I lead logistics workshops with works teams. Thanks to a methodology that I helped develop at IMMA, we think about the supply flows of a construction site. From strategy to on-the-job procurement, we scan the topics and make sure we don't forget anything.
As it is the last Thursday of the month, we have our traditional IMMAPero: a friendly moment to meet up with our colleagues.”