Our Lean Construction method engineers

The engineers who work for IMMA are all renowned experts in the fields of Lean Management and Construction. Our junior and senior engineers are trainer-consultants in lean construction or part of the operational staff

Imma staff members, a liberated team

At IMMA, the drive for quality and results is the guiding principle in the organization of our work. That is why work at IMMA is organized freely. Horizontal management, working in project mode, autonomy, listening, respect and trust are the foundation of our internal practices. Giving meaning to innovation, agility and leadership are the qualities that must be implemented in order to reach these objectives.

The future of the company is also discussed and developed by all stakeholders during a yearly seminar.


Mathieu Sidoti IMMA France

Nigel Trant co-director IMMA UK

Fabien Font CEO IMMA

Léa Gerin Jean IMMA France

Pascal Chaloyard IMMA France, Master Black Belt

Sophie Mühlsteff IMMA France

Kevin Mallet IMMA Suisse

Eric Domon IMMA Suisse

Hélène Longrais IMMA France

John Mellor co-director IMMA UK

Eric de Tourris IMMA France

Favine Mosdier IMMA France

Kris Kristensen IMMA France

Aurélie Maury IMMA France

Audrey Rolland IMMA Suisse

Stéphane Demonchaux IMMA France

Marilyne Martignoni IMMA France

David Tessier IMMA France

Michelangelo Brambillasca IMMA Suisse

Mariasol Martinez IMMA France

Marie Kleiner IMMA France, partenaire

Claude Birchler Associé IMMA Suisse

Camille Hubert IMMA France

Nicolas Baudard Directeur Général IMMA France

Jean-Pierre Visinand IMMA Suisse

Mike Hart Directeur Général Franchise UK

Serge Goepp Directeur Général IMMA Suisse

Ludivine Pindon IMMA France

Arthur Foyatier IMMA France

Audrey Baumer IMMA Holding

Ludovic Abgrall IMMA France

Hervé Thevenot IMMA France, partenaire

Luc Bresse Directeur Associé IMMA France