Discover the different professions necessary for the success of Lean Construction projects

Engineers, Managers, Consultants... build in the Future

These professions are exercised in conjunction with the IMMA team and with the contribution of all stakeholders.

The consultant-trainer

In the framework of a project, the consultant accompanies their client in the identification of their needs, defines the tools and adapts them if necessary, coaches them during the first phases and trains the teams in the selected tools. Their objective is to manage and facilitate the change.

They prepare projects of varying degrees of complexity and lead training courses.

The scheduling manager (OPC Lean)

To prepare the schedule, the scheduling manager implements the collaborative approach allowing for coordination in studies and works.  They are members of the operational staff who intervene on complex projects.


The Lean method engineer

Somewhere between consultancy and achievement, the methodology engineer is a work site “facilitator”. They do not carry out the operations themselves, but create a lean management system. Their objective is to install the bases of lean management and structure the tools so that their client becomes autonomous in the management of their teams. The methodology engineer intervenes in large-scale projects (3, 6 months or 1 year).


The logistics manager

They design and manage the supply chain. They put into place, optimize, and manage all flows (transport of equipment, trucks, etc.).


They chose IMMA...

David Tessier

CNAM Engineer

"After spending many years in an industrial setting where I acquired skills in Lean Management, I now assist companies and their projects in defining and implementing new work methods that improve operational performance."


Engineer and architect from the French engineering school Les Mines in Alès, France and the University of Liège in Belgium.

“IMMA and I have worked on about 30 projects over the course of three years, all over the world. Our team is dynamic and motivated by what I think are important core values. Whether we are operating in France or Europe—and even in countries like Malaysia or Myanmar—I have developed skills in Lean Construction through our consultancy projects for building and civil engineering projects. These projects were new buildings, renovations, housing, offices, functional and industrial structures, and even tunnels. I work on long-term projects where the goal is to do this by myself and conduct work site management.

What feeds my passion for what I do is the impression that I am part of a wide-scale change going on in the construction business.”


Gabriel Do Couto

Lean Construction Expert

“I joined IMMA in 2018 for my end-of-studies project on the logistics of a large renovation project.
What do I like most about IMMA? The diversity of subjects that I have been able to touch on since my arrival.
In the morning: field tour and preparation for the work management meeting the next day on a large office site in the Paris region.
I see people, I chat and I make sure that the blocking points are resolved on time: I don't give up!
In the afternoon: I lead logistics workshops with works teams. Thanks to a methodology that I helped develop at IMMA, we think about the supply flows of a construction site. From strategy to on-the-job procurement, we scan the topics and make sure we don't forget anything.
As it is the last Thursday of the month, we have our traditional IMMAPero: a friendly moment to meet up with our colleagues.”